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Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

TF-CBT services are provided at the main office under a variety of different CYS programs. TF-CBT is an evidence-based therapy model for children and adolescents impacted by trauma and involves the parent/caregiver at different points of the therapy. TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with single, multiple and complex trauma experiences.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Child must have Medi-Cal coverage or may qualify for free services

  • Child has experienced trauma and is having emotional or behavioral issues as a result of a traumatic experience or exposure to a traumatic experience.

  • Who provides the services: Licensed therapists and associate therapists registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences

    For more information on this program email:

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    To Learn More

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