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Our Story

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Since 1973, Comprehensive Youth Services (CYS), a 501(c)(3) community based nonprofit behavioral health agency has provided quality mental health and community support services to underserved, unserved and at-risk youth and families in Fresno County and the surrounding communities.

CYS began its mission as a group home but eventually recognized that the issues facing the youth residing in the home were more layered and complex. This led to the exploration of how to provide more comprehensive care that met not only physical and basic needs such as housing, food and clothing, but also incorporated interventions focused on the social, emotional and mental health needs of the youth.

The agency’s primary mission was to prevent circumstances - such as child abuse and neglect – that could lead to youth being removed from their homes and placed into the child welfare system. Over time, the services of CYS have evolved and expanded to address the ever-changing needs and challenges of our diverse communities.

CYS continues to increase its presence in local communities by partnering with school districts, local, state and federal grant funding sources, county entities, other non-profits and private funders to offer a variety of programs committed to healing, reunifying and supporting families and communities.

CYS is proud of its dedicated, passionate, talented and qualified team of diverse staff, who are committed to strengthening and promoting the resilience of the individuals we serve. Our array of mental health and community-focused interventions help make a difference in the lives of those who face challenges and barriers to health, wellness and success.

Our goal is to continue to meet the people we serve where they are and deliver quality services in a way the best suit their needs. Whether that be our offices, at the homes of families, on school campuses or in our communities, CYS strives to make a positive impact to help everyone achieve a brighter future.

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