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Community Impact The Difference We are Making in the Communities We Serve

Comprehensive Youth Services of Fresno is a non-profit organization providing quality mental health and community-based support services to families throughout Fresno County and surrounding areas since 1973.

Education is empowerment and the primary goal of CYS is building stronger, more resilient families through case management, resource coordination, and community advocacy. Our multi-lingual and culturally diverse staff are well-trained to assist local communities in accessing resources that promote family wellness. 

CYS also offers individual and family therapy for children of all ages who may be struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. We work directly with parents to help their families thrive. 

The overall goal of Comprehensive Youth Services is to make a positive impact by strengthening children, families and communities for a brighter tomorrow. 

By The Numbers We Are Making An Impact In Central Valley Communities

Mental Health Services

BBFF 3xx3 Families Served
FFT - 3xx3 Families Served
CHAT - 3xx3 Families Served

Community Based Services

NRC 8xx8 Families Served 
SV 8xx8 Families Served

School Based Services

SAP 6xx6 Students Served

Number of Clients Serviced Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Locations in Fresno County Serviced Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Details Coming Soon...

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